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The doujin were labeled used, but look brand new. The binding is intact too. Excellent condition. Filmy by Sumikko, etc. 06/19/2013
A very good job ! Thank you (NEW and SEALED) Happy Birthday by BREAKMISSION, etc. 06/12/2013
Fast shipping, everything was exactly as described. M by UOHSAOH, etc. 06/11/2013
Great seller Seeing Wishes Come True by ICA, etc. 06/07/2013
Good seller communication, very pleased with item~! >u Blue Butterfly by SINBA, etc. 06/05/2013
Very kind and polite seller. Fast delivery. Well secured package and each book. I recommend. (NEW AND SEALED) Rin & Yukio by Sakkimita, etc. 05/31/2013
:) Always love LP! Order came in quickly and in good condition Actual In A Dream by Zenda, etc. 05/30/2013
It was a very speedy delivery. No complaints here! Uri and GokuTsuna, etc. 05/30/2013
Arrived quickly and in perfect condition! Thank you very much! You're the Most Important Thing In the World by Bo 05/25/2013
Another great order. Rapuresu by BBP, etc. 05/11/2013
Arrived fast and was packaged great! This is my 3rd order and I plan on buying more in the future. (NEW AND SEALED) Words of Love by Banyu, etc. 04/27/2013
Arrived fast and in perfect condition. Secret Closet by Basic-soubi, etc. 04/16/2013
Order was packaged well and arrived promptly, fabulous service. (NEW AND SEALED) Asterisk by Negahyst, etc. 03/29/2013
Fabulous as always! (NEW AND SEALED) Hello, Little Kitty by Inugata Su 03/25/2013
Thanks so much for all the goodies!! Nice to fill in gaps or find new series to read. :) (NEW AND SEALED) Bitter by Negahyst, etc. 03/16/2013
Very fast and professional, and packed well. (NEW AND SEALED) Tsuna Showtime 3 Mukuro x Tsuna A, etc. 03/04/2013
I'd definitely recommend this seller! It was processed and shipped in a timely manner. (ENGLISH MANGA SET) Tramps Like Us vol 1-8, 10-12 03/04/2013
Arrived fast and in great condition. Kind Devil by Labitan, etc. 02/22/2013
A+ transaction. Well wrapped items, arrived safely & quickly. Thank you so much (: (NEW AND SEALED) Dizzy by Banyu, etc. 02/20/2013
Great doujinshi, perfect! Thanks so much!! :) (NEW AND SEALED) You're a Jealous Boyfriend by App, etc. 02/16/2013
the items came in sooner than I thought! and as expected they are awesome. will come backfor more!. Mind Supplement by 7Men Zippo, etc. 01/30/2013
Doujinshi arrived well packaged and in perfect condition. Fast shipping and friendly service! A Chasse Noire by Nalis, etc. 01/26/2013
Perfect transaction! Play by Rived and ST, etc. 01/25/2013
A+ transaction. Great comm & wrapped perfectly with a backboard so books don't bend (: thank you!! Hedgehog's Secret by Banyu, etc. 01/23/2013
I've received my doujinshi safe and fast! Thank you very much ^^ Kemonobon by UOHSAOH 01/21/2013
A+ transaction. Great comm & wrapped perfectly with a backboard so books don't bend (: thank you!! Toshokan Sensou by Banyu, etc. 01/14/2013
Reasonable prices, simple transaction, and fast shipping! Shishizu no Bora by Nalis, etc. 12/16/2012
great prices !!! Teacher's Pet by Auto-B, etc. 12/12/2012
awesome as always! Bitter and Sweet Winter Box Set by Negahyst, etc. 12/08/2012
Amazing seller, perfect items, highly recommended! ~ SQ80 by Bips-M 12/06/2012
Thanks! Everything looks great! Seaside School by 7Men Zippo, etc. 12/04/2012
Everything arrived in perfect condition; I'll definitely buy from you again. Thank you so much! :3 Smoking Prohibited by World Box, etc. 12/04/2012
A pleasure as always~! Rock Paper Scissors by HidouTei and 86, etc. 12/02/2012
Wonderful service and product. Will definitely be using this seller again. Cruel Restraint #1 by Harigane Colse 11/28/2012
Amazing experience as always and I received the book much faster than expected! Thanks Kuromitsu by Negahyst 11/25/2012
Fast communication, great packaging ^-^ and quick delivering Puchiribo by Uruchiya 11/23/2012
Everything came in good shape and quickly! Yellow and Blue Reprint by Mintgun, etc. 11/21/2012
A+ transaction. Great comm & wrapped perfectly with a backboard so books don't bend (: thank you!! Super Order Killer by Inumog, etc. 11/20/2012
always a fabulous seller! Picola by Pink no Koneko, etc. 11/20/2012
Reasonable prices, fast transaction, and fast shipping! ToroTora ToroMura by Inumog, etc. 11/16/2012
Everything arrived in perfect condition. The decorations on the package were also a plus. (NEW AND SEALED) Starry Night 3:00 Constructor by , etc. 11/13/2012
Thanks for the A+ transaction. Great communication & the backboard provided so the books don't bend! Stay by Inumog, etc. 11/11/2012
Item arrived fast and was very well packaged, as always. Thank you very much ! Two Years and Eight Months by World Box, etc. 11/07/2012
Very great service, package arrived quickly and had very cool decorations! :) Kill Me, Kiss Me vol. 1-5 (Complete) 11/02/2012
Perfect transaction! Excellent seller. Will purchase again. Secret Garden by Pink no Koneko, etc. 11/01/2012
perfect transaction! and the packaging is so cute and festive^^ can't wait to buy from again Lewd Culture Festival by 7Men Zippo 11/01/2012
As always everything ok Alice in Wonder Underground by Pink no Koneko, etc. 10/29/2012
Excellent all around! Will purchase again! (NEW AND SEALED) Mixture by Pink no Koneko, etc. 10/27/2012
Awesome as always. (NEW AND SEALED) Love Dream by Crazy9, etc. 10/23/2012
Item arrived quickly and in perfect condition. (NEW AND SEALED) UnChoco Disco by Crazy9 10/22/2012
Fast and efficient as always. My Sunflower 3 by Crazy9, etc. 10/22/2012
As always the items arrived in perfect condition in a swift and timely manner. She was very nice~! (NEW AND SEALED) Bunny's Child Panic! by Apple of , etc. 10/21/2012
Excellent all around! Will purchase again! Wish by Pink no Koneko 10/21/2012
Thank you thank you thank you! Fast, safely packaged, and cuuute packing tape. Nectar by Otapyon, etc. 10/18/2012
Item very well packaged & quickly arrived. Will surely buy again~ thank you so much ! :) Kaifuugo wa ohayameni onomi kudasai by Inumog 10/09/2012
Lovely doujinshi, always a pleasure to purchase from, thanks!! (NEW AND SEALED) TaiBunny in Summer by Micromacro, etc. 10/05/2012
The seller shipped very fast and the books are ing great condition! Red Hot Chili Samurai volume 1 (English manga), etc. 10/02/2012
package was packed very well and shipped quickly Kutsushita-chan by ABee, etc. 09/30/2012
She sent the items really fast. Very confident (NEW AND SEALED) Caramel by Pink no Koneko, etc. 09/21/2012
Thank you!! Wish Upon A Star ON by Nitro Koutetsu, etc. 09/18/2012
Item arrived quickly and in perfect condition. :) Holic + Holic 3 by Abgrund FULL COLOR! 09/10/2012
Great doujinshi's once again! Great to work with, well packaged. Thanks!! :) (NEW AND SEALED) How am I Simply Looking? by HEXE, etc. 09/06/2012
Wonderful seller~ Big Shizuo, Little Izaya by World Box, etc. 09/06/2012
Fast replay, excellent product condition Koitsu ni Itai by Nitro Koutetsu, etc. 09/05/2012
Phan-chan is amazing. Always the best. Sad Sad Kiddie by Kiki / Kiwa, etc. 08/22/2012
Though would be great to get a e-mail saying the item is sent. So that I can know when to expect it. (NEW AND SEALED) Bowling Thunder by Hage, etc. 07/30/2012
great seller 10 by Heta no Yoko Zuki, etc. 07/30/2012
LadyPhantomhive as well as her site, is highly recommended! -Spandy/A12 The Story of a kiss etc. by BBP, etc. 07/29/2012
awesome as always (NEW AND SEALED) Recess by Pink no Koneko, etc. 07/29/2012
Eje sent me the items very fast (NEW AND SEALED) Without Help by AK-FIVE, etc. 07/29/2012
Awesome seller! (NEW AND SEALED) Cappelleria 01 by Kogarekou 07/29/2012
Excellent service. Item arrived in perfect condition. Thank you! (NEW) Fieramente Blue Exorcist Anthology 07/28/2012
Items were packaged securely and arrived in perfect condition. Awesome! Thanks! Would you like a bath? by Zerohaku, etc. 07/25/2012
She sent the items really fast. Very confident (NEW AND SEALED) Are you ready? by ARARAGUMI, etc. 07/21/2012
fast & perfect as usual, thank you so much!!!! (NEW AND SEALED) Mill Milk by Inugata Summit, etc. 07/21/2012
fast service (ENGLISH PRINTED) No Logic by Zellis (New and Seal 07/19/2012
Always awesome! (NEW AD SEALED) 3 Seconds until I Melt by TG, etc. 07/19/2012
Very fast!! Mr. & Mr's Hitman? by Nitro Koutetsu 07/17/2012
fast & perfect as usual, thank you so much!! Will buy again, definitely!!!! My Wish by Clawserio SEALED, etc. 07/10/2012
She sent the items really fast. Very confident (NEW AND SEALED) Words of Love by Banyu, etc. 07/08/2012
Thanks, as always! (NEW AND SEALED) Highschool Grateful Life by Nitro 07/04/2012
Came fast and I love them. Great condition (NEW) Zip Your Lip by Licca, etc. 07/01/2012
Thank you so much! I came fast and I loved it XD (NEW AND SEALED) Chocolate Disco by Crazy9 07/01/2012
Another great item from LPS!! Very satisfied with product and service! Highly recommend for buying!! (NEW) Black Butler Shaving Anthology 07/01/2012
Excellent service, communication, and quality! Swift and cheap shipping! I will buy from again!!! (NEW AND SEALED) Recess by Pink no Koneko, etc. 07/01/2012
Great quality! Great price! Fast shipping! Will buy from again! A Differenet Face After School by Nikushoku Shoune 06/28/2012
well packaged, books are in awesome condition :) Gintama vol. 1-9 (english manga) 06/21/2012
Awesome as always! :) (New & SEALED) When Your Hands Are Gentle, I Cry b 06/20/2012
She sent the items really fast. Very confident Love No Matter The Age by Black Pirates, etc. 06/19/2012
Everything arrived quickly and in great shape! NEW! Candy Doll 3 by Pink no Koneko, etc. 06/17/2012
perfect condition + wrapping + shipment! Recommended! Thanks!!! Cafe Kichijouji vol. 1-3 (Complete), etc. 06/14/2012
Love Lady Phantomhive! Always fast and always exactly what I ordered! (NEW & SEALED) The Blush Book by Knock!!, etc. 06/14/2012
Transaction went quickly and smoothly. (NEW AND SEALED) Colorful World by Unap, etc. 06/10/2012
Thanks! Great service! Guys by Electrocks 06/04/2012
Always great when I buy from Lady P! Knotty Thread by Flow Snow, etc. 05/22/2012
Thank you so much! :D Use Only As Directed by Hawawa, etc. 05/21/2012
perfect: secure, fast and pleasant deal! Thanks! Dog Style / Pet Life by Dog Ville, etc. 05/16/2012
Everything was so well packaged and thoughtful! The doujinshis were perfect! Thank you so much ^^ Chu! by Pepushi, etc. 05/12/2012
Items arrived quickly and in great condition! Great seller! Clumsy Heart 01 by Mononoke Hobaku Butai, etc. 05/05/2012
Fast shipping. Item packaged well and in good shape. Lies and Truth by Fighting Kids 04/26/2012
She sent the items really fast. Very confident Horezu ni wa Irarenai by 7Men Zippo, etc. 04/23/2012
The stickers are a really nice touch! I love them~ Eros Thanatos by Umaisake, etc. 04/18/2012
Quick and in great condition. Looking forward to future purchases. How do you like my apology by Crazy9 04/12/2012
very satisfied Go Happy! Reprint by Black Pirates, etc. 04/06/2012
Always a pleasure to do business with. Products were in excellent condition, and her note very sweet Love is Love by Ninekoks, etc. 04/03/2012
They came in very good condition :) A Bouquet for the Princess HibaTsuna Reborn Anthol, etc. 04/02/2012
Items in wonderful condition. Thanks! Tachibana to iu Otoko by Yoshinaga Fumi, etc. 03/30/2012
Great! Thank you~ Love Chu! By H-eichi and Nojima, etc. 03/30/2012
Package arrived quickly and in excellent condition! Mixed Vegetables by Kaguudou 03/13/2012
easy transaction, books were as decribed! Bleach vol. 1-17 03/13/2012
Very fast and in good condition Milk Lambo-san by S Project H-side, etc. 03/12/2012
Easy to communicate with, selection was good, shipping was fast, everything was fabulous, A+ Buon Compleanno by Apple of Eden, etc. 03/04/2012
Recieved items within a week, everything was as described, I will defintly buy again, Thank you! Ikebukuro's Strongest Destroyers by ica, etc. 03/02/2012
The items were well-packaged and in great condition. Thank you! Koitsu ni Itai by Nitro Koutetsu, etc. 02/28/2012
All items arrived swiftly and in pristine condition as always~! A pleasure this time as well~!! ^_^ iToy by Inumog, etc. 02/22/2012
arrived quickly, packaged very well in good conditon. thank you! Pop, Drop by Crazy9 02/15/2012
very fast to deliver, great prices, excellent packaging Sweet ver. by Negahyst, etc. 02/15/2012
Fabulously helpful Coffee and Milk Sugar by Crazy9, etc. 02/12/2012
very fast & secure shipment, DJ's excellent condition, will buy again!!! Brother by Amainu Naorin, etc. 02/07/2012
Items were well packaged and in perfect condition! Thank you ^-^ Lavi D. Gray-man Anthology, etc. 02/02/2012
Thank-you sooo much! Very satisfied! Namimori Reborn Anthology 01/26/2012
Thanks for the book! Correct Answer is: LOVE by Mintgun 01/20/2012
Love my stuff! It's all in great condition! Thanks! Mainichi ga Kinenbi by Panta, etc. 01/19/2012
Delivery was poignant, the packaging was top shape and the price was great! If The Shoe Fits by BBP 01/01/2012
Wonderful as usual. Everything on time and in decorative, interesting packaging. Hinemosu kimi ni Ubawareru by Nitro Koutetsu 12/30/2011
She replied to messages quickly. Would buy from again. Watch Out Grampa Primo! by Apple of Eden, etc. 12/28/2011
Item arrive just recently but still satisfied with transaction Burlesque by Kurimonakaya, etc. 12/14/2011
very friendly seller with excellent packaging FMA1 by Hakairyouiki, etc. 12/10/2011
Very satisfied : fast and regulatory Sweet Discolor by Inumog 12/09/2011
little communication but shipment arrived quickly and safely, thanks! Datenshi to Akuma... by Heavenly 12/09/2011
Another great experience. Wonderful dj, happy with purchase! :) Life with Pets by Megalox, etc. 12/09/2011
always awesome! Mille-Feuille by Pink no Koneko, etc. 11/28/2011
would recommend to anyone and will be repeat customer! A+++++++++++ ♥ Strawberry Machine by FLAT 11/26/2011
It was a great buying experience! Present From You by Doumoaumimasen, etc. 11/19/2011
Very happy with all my doujinshi, thanks for everything! :) Gravitation 2nd Art Book, etc. 11/18/2011
I love them both, thank you!! =D Terai to SpaTsuna by BBP, etc. 11/18/2011
I got everything quick and easy. Perfect online purchase. Perfect Margarita by ica, etc. 11/13/2011
Great communication. Punchi-Mori (Nitro+CHiRal only event Anthology!) 11/10/2011
Perfect service, condition, products as always! Item arrived swiftly, will love to do business again Divergence Blue by Inumog, etc. 11/04/2011
I'm extremely pleased with the doujinshi, its beautiful and it arrived quick. I would order again! Control by Ciel 33.3 10/27/2011
Awesome seller! Came sooner than expected! Item was in awesome condition! Thank you! :D Hunter Hunted by Blue Crest 10/21/2011
Thanks a lot for a great transaction! Buddy by Crazy9 & Chinpaipai, etc. 10/20/2011
Fast shipping and great item! Sailor Fuku to Mame Deppou by Ririadoll, etc. 10/15/2011
Eh, I'm not one to normally partake in buying online, but it worked out well. :D Do you like your sack? by Spider-Cage, etc. 10/07/2011
Everything went well. Had no problems whatsoever. IMAGE*DIVE 16bit world by Bons 10/07/2011
Thanks for the doujin! Summer Breeze by Bengaraid (NEW FOR FALL 2010) 10/01/2011
would recommend to anyone and will be repeat customer! A+++++++++++ ♥ Rairirairimuun by FLAT, etc. 09/30/2011
Fast shipping, well packaged, very happy with my purchase. Thanks so much!! :) HELP! by Murakami Maki, etc. 09/28/2011
awesome as always! Humiliate Me More Darling by Pink no Koneko, etc. 09/25/2011
Great communication, fast shipping, and friendly seller! Recommended and would buy from again! A+ Hibari Collection by Amatou (REPRINT), etc. 09/21/2011
excellent Super Shooter by Honey Drop 09/19/2011
Received in great condition. Great seller!! Thanks! Sweet 10 Vol. 4 Anthology 09/18/2011
Great! Fast shipping! Thanks! Rosy Tomorrow by Nalis 09/18/2011
excellent transaction. would buy from again. Psychedelic Party Anthology 09/17/2011
I love getting things from LP. Dolce Dolce Anthology volume 1, etc. 09/16/2011
Great seller and quick shipping! Thanks! Wild Bikini by Rakugaki SEALED 09/14/2011
LOOOOOOVE the stickers and tape used 715 by Inugata Summit, etc. 09/02/2011
She sent me the items really fast, very reliable, recommended Good Morning, Cat! by ABee, etc. 09/02/2011
Really fast and easy order Continuation of the Dream by His Song's Far 08/28/2011
Beautiful. I love it! Great seller!!! :) Tsundere Master by Angelica, etc. 08/24/2011
Thank you! Honey & Bunny by Kuchibirukarasandanju, etc. 08/24/2011
package arrived very quickly GetBackers vol. 1-20 08/24/2011
fantastic service as always. beautifully packaged. cute goodies. fast delivery. always buy from her Children's Day by Banyu, etc. 08/23/2011
Great items, super fast shipping, wonderful seller!! Will buy from again and again! Honey Honey by 9T, etc. 08/22/2011
I'm super pleased. I'll definitely be checking in again for my doujinshi needs. Signal by Fighting Kids, etc. 08/15/2011
Great! Everything arrived on time, intact, and wonderfully packaged. Absolute Boyfriend vol. 1-6 (Complete), etc. 08/14/2011
Great seller, product arrived in excellent condition! LIFE WARK by totto (Kyuugou, Ninekoks) 08/13/2011
It was exactly what I ordered, came to me in a timely manner, and was undamaged. Thumbs up! STRIP by Minami Haruka, etc. 08/11/2011
Received quickly and in great condition (ENGLISH PRINTED) Ventiquattrore su Ventiquattro b, etc. 08/11/2011
It came in excellent condition, and I am once again very pleased :3 Tiny Boy Sebastian and Alice Book by Tarai, etc. 08/11/2011
Received quickly and it was in perfect condition. Thank-you so much! :D Battle Ready anthology 08/09/2011
Fabulous item as described! Seller shipped quickly. Sweet Strawberry by TOKIMOOON 08/08/2011
fantastic service as always! beautifully packaged and gorgeous doujins! I love buying from her! Nando demo Kimi to Kyou wo Iwaou. by Banyu, etc. 08/08/2011
It came quickly and was in excellent condition. :) Heaven Control Service by Kanakana Shotengai 08/06/2011
very fast shipping. I loved the packaging and the gift was so cute. The Bang Bang Bambino's Anthology (Many Circles) 07/22/2011
Although I never knew when it was shipped, they came perfectly packaged and in BEAUTIFUL condition~ A to Irony by Aori Cou, etc. 07/17/2011
The customer service was very good! ^^ And it was nice getting a "thank you note!" ^^ Bathroom by Pink no Koneko, etc. 07/17/2011
Smooth transaction. 0424 by Chukara Coffee 06/27/2011
Very good quality! Kurakura by Banyu, etc. 06/27/2011
fast delivery! beautifully packaged! Wonderful doujin! Will definately buy from again^^ Thanks! Initiative by Nitro Koutetsu (Yoneda Kou) 06/17/2011
A bit slower than previous shipments but still good Highschool Grateful Life by Nitro Koutetsu (Yoneda, etc. 05/11/2011
Excellent as always~ ! White Thorns 2 by Kurokamepack 05/09/2011
Received quickly and in perfect condition Voice by ROCK'N'DOLLESS, etc. 05/07/2011
Awesome, it was well-packed. :) Classmates part 2 by RAKUGAKI, etc. 05/06/2011
love the package, very cute and colorful :) Kakushidori by Banyu, etc. 05/06/2011
Item came in timely manner and in wonderful condition. Hope to do business again. Spanner and Tsuna's Morning Supa by ABee, etc. 05/02/2011
As always, Lady P is a pleasure to do business with. The books are always in such nice condition. A+ Hyper-B by Oboreta Slyme, etc. 04/30/2011
Fast shipping and lovely seller! Lost Child Cat by Banyu, etc. 04/19/2011
product arrived safely with unexpected gifts, seller went the extra mile, delightful! Nyan Nyan 22 Days by Kokuchou 04/19/2011
Quick arrival very secure packaging and friendly postage note! Thank you. Jersey + Haitenai by J.O.C 04/18/2011
Great condition! Also the packaging was so MFing cute I took a photo. Mr. and Mr. Hitman by Nitro Koutetsu (Yoneda Kou) 04/18/2011
Friendly, fair, and fast!! I will be ordering from them again!XD REC by Seikyuu Dogs, etc. 03/21/2011
Great, friendly seller. No problems at all, doujin arrived in excellent condition. Will shop again!~ Love Hate Love by Seikyuu Dogs 02/26/2011
Thank you for the fast shipment! Words of Love for my Darling by Banyu, etc. 02/19/2011
fast shipping, reasonably priced, well packaged! Will buy again! Nappy-Nap by Sprinkle, etc. 01/26/2011
The packages were in my mailbox when I got to school. Thank you so much!! Smells Like Teen Spirit by Middle Range, etc. 01/18/2011
really fast delivery with cute packaging Usotsu Mikikuzushi by Cou-Aori 12/17/2010
Super Fast Shipping. Cute packaging. A+ Hinemosu Kimi ni Ubawareru by Nitro Koutetsu (Yone 12/08/2010
Superquick shipping, and the packaging was adorable! I'm Still Wandering Around the World by Nitro Kout 12/07/2010
Timely and well-packaged - also very cute! Thank you! Secret Cord by Cross Rouge, etc. 12/07/2010
Excellent service as always~! Shipping was swift and arrived within a week of purchase. Whale Killer Whale by, etc. 12/03/2010
I LOVE MY BOOKS ,I WILL ORDER Embrace by Bgata Soubi, etc. 11/28/2010
Great shopping experience as always Biidoru by Apple of Eden, etc. 11/25/2010
This made all my hopes and dreams come true. Super Fast shipping, great packaging A+++++ Gimmick by Pink no Koneko (NEW FOR FALL 2010!) 11/24/2010
Thank you!!! :) Asterisk by Negahyst / Naked Ape / Acute Girls, etc. 11/20/2010
very quick shipping, package received in excellent condition. Kinsoku Jikou desu. by Fuukatei, etc. 11/19/2010
Brilliant service - fast delivery and friendly service. Highly Recommended +++ Monster Surprised You by Closet, etc. 11/12/2010
Package came in great condition, thank you! Liar's Paradox by Megaromaniac *JUST RELEASED* 11/10/2010
fast shipping and excellent communication Yamamoto Takeshi Book 5 by Various Artists, etc. 11/08/2010
Great packaging with cute stickers; great customer service; will buy again! Thanks so much! A+ St. Valentine's Day Kiss by BBP 11/04/2010
Everything went perfect would by from again ♥♥♥ I Love Controal by TK-Brand, etc. 11/04/2010
Shipping was fast, and the doujin had the cutest packaging ever. EVER! Paventoso Settimana Bianca! by Omega 2-D 11/02/2010
Thank you!!! Finishing Blow by ABee, etc. 10/31/2010
Very fast and friendly response :) Initiative by Nitro Koutetsu 10/30/2010
Amazing seller c: Liar's Paradox by Megaromaniac *JUST RELEASED* 10/30/2010
very pleased with shipping time :) Insanity by Acute Girls (Naked Ape), etc. 10/29/2010
Very very awesome~! :D Seishin Houkai Program by Stella 10/25/2010
Fantastic. Got everything in excellent condition and in a timely manner. Great customer service. Aruiwa, Soresaemo Real na Hibi by Nitro Koutetsu, etc. 10/20/2010
Very sweet--emailed personally and included note. A+ seller~ :) Hanky Panky by Pink no Koneko (NEW SUMMER 2010!), etc. 10/19/2010
I'm pleased with the product, but it took 2 weeks to get it. Blue Flame by IDEA 10/15/2010
Excellent seller! Yukemuri Onsen Date. by Ritz 10/13/2010
Items arrived quickly and in great condition - thanks! Empireo by Spike A's Guns, etc. 10/12/2010
Thanks! Arrived in great condition. DeviDevi by Chidori to Tobiuo 10/10/2010
Perfect! Love and Happiness by The East Scandal, etc. 10/08/2010
As always amazing service and communication~ Quality was perfect too ^_~ Overkill by Overdose, etc. 10/05/2010
Amazingly awesome! Pretty packaging, too. Already planning my next order~ Funaki Kazou Hage Reprinted by K-books, etc. 09/30/2010
Esplendido! Alabado sea dios!! A Certain Butler's Tiger-eared Young Master by Meg, etc. 09/29/2010
5/5 as always! Love Doll by Candy Pot 09/29/2010
This was by far the best transaction I've ever done online! You're the best Phantom Innocent by Metro-norm, etc. 09/27/2010
Received my package today! Wonderfully secured in wrapping, very friendly! Thank you~! Pinky by Pink no Koneko Full Color Art Book (NEW S, etc. 09/27/2010
Always a pleasure doing business with Phantom. Beautiful products. Rosso by Nemunoki, etc. 09/22/2010
Arrived promptly; packaged neatly; products in perfect condition Chaos! by Chukara Coffee, etc. 09/21/2010
AWWWWEEEEEEEEESSSSSSOOOOOMMMEE! Death Dispatch Association DEATH! by Kurimonakaya 09/21/2010
Great, perfect Shinjuku/Angel/3 Days by Kanan Sawatari, etc. 09/21/2010
As always an excellent experience! Great communication/swift delivery/courtesy! 9001/5!!! A+++++++++ Love Battle by Arabic Yamato, etc. 09/21/2010
Item came on time, well-packed, and as described! Price was fair, would buy from again. Thanks! :D L wa Subete wo Nomikomu. by Omega 2-D 09/16/2010
Perfect as usual!! Sore wa Lilac by Statice, etc. 09/10/2010
Excellent Condition! Swift Delivery! Amazing Communication! One of the best experiences purchasing!! Secret Garden by Pink no Koneko 09/10/2010
I thought the item would be bigger, but the quality is still amazing and the item affordable!PERFECT Casket by Kurimonakaya 09/08/2010
Will be sure to buy from again. Hanky Panky by Pink no Koneko (NEW SUMMER 2010!) 09/07/2010
Items arrived in great shape and in priority shipping. Happy to do business with seller again. Piace Quale? by MP and Lily, etc. 09/06/2010
Thank you so much! My doujinshis came in perfect condition and even with a little thank you note~ Heaven's Garden by ROCK'N'DOLLESS, etc. 09/05/2010
No complaints Wish by Pink no Koneko, etc. 09/04/2010
Fantastic quality and speedy delivery. A+! Heaven? by Inugata Summit, etc. 09/03/2010
Unbelievably fast shipping, item as described. Thanks! Viral x Rossiu Mini Anthology 09/01/2010
Awesome, as usual. Thanks! Ultra Violence (White Side) by Megaromaniac, etc. 08/31/2010
Exellent quality and very appreciative of the cardboard to keep it straight. I'm Still Wandering Around the World by Nitro Kout 08/30/2010
Very quick, and always in excellent condition. I'm definitely going to buy more! Kuraino Kowaino Tondeyuke by Zerohaku 08/26/2010
Quick, easy and very friendly. Can't have a transaction get any better than that. If your hands are gentle, I'll cry by Nitro Koutet, etc. 08/26/2010
Thanks as usual! Sleep in Blue by 7Sec 08/25/2010
Thanks!! Nel by Heta no Yokozuki 08/25/2010
Fast shipping & cute stickers!! Thanks! Bathroom by Pink no Koneko 08/25/2010
I think the site is easy to navigate, and Lady P is always a pleasure! Nightmare by Ciel 33.3, etc. 08/23/2010
Item arrived prompty and in great condition. Will gladly do business with the seller again. Cache-Cache by Lion Punch, etc. 08/22/2010
Fast shipping, affordable prices and great communication. Highly recommend this seller. Ero Megane by ABee, etc. 08/19/2010
Items just as described and fast shipping! Super! Sono Shitsuji, Hentai by Pink no Koneko, etc. 08/19/2010
Great Love Algorithm of the Future by Cotton Candy 08/17/2010
Perfect R6927 by Statice 08/17/2010
Thanks for the fast shipment! :) Cannibalism by PUNCH!!!, etc. 08/16/2010
Quick and easy! Hinemosu by Chukara Coffee / Itazurajini, etc. 08/09/2010
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